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External Lobe Pumps

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External Lobe Pumps

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KIESEL rotary lobe pumps are designed to achieve maximum pump performance combined with minimal product damage. Specific attention is paid to the bearing construction and the rigidity of the shaft. The design is kept as compact as possible and the volume between the lobes is optimized.

Advantages :

  • Non-Contact run of the pumping elements
  • Simple and Fast demounting
  • Perfect for hygiene application
  • Robust and authentic design
  • CIP/SIP Cleaning
  • Complete Design
  • Different, Harmonized rotors for special products

Specials :

  • Cover (in different materials) Available
  • Capable for use with abrasive media

Capacity : 0,5 - 15 m3/h

Pressure : up to 12 bar

Temperature : up to 150°C

Viscosity : up to 160.000 mPas

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