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Pumpsquare Systems LLP is a company manufacturing & marketing pumps, process equipments and installations. Production facility is located in Vithal Udyog Nagar (near Anand), Gujarat – India.

The pumps manufactured by us include Progressive Cavity Pumps, Twin Screw Pumps, Triple Screw Pumps, Gear Pumps, Lobe Pumps, Vane Pumps, Shuttle Block Pumps as well as Thermic Fluid Pumps.

With this complete range of pumps, Pumpsquare offers to the engineers, suppliers, OEM’s and users a single source of supply for their pump requirements. The appropriate pump for each specific application and the advantage of buying their complete pump requirements from one source can lead to optimum economic solutions.

Our products are utilized throughout the world in a variety of applications such as Chemicals and Petrochemicals Industry, Naval and Offshore Applications, Hydraulic Power Applications, Water and Waste Water Sewage Disposal Applications, Lube Oil and Fuel Firing Systems, Heating and Air – Conditioning, Surface Treatments, Heavy Engineering Industry Paper and Pulp Industry, Food Industry, General Industrial Engineering and other special areas of the producing and processing industry.

This production facility, which belongs to Pumpsquare Systems LLP since 2011, employs approximately 30 people. The high quality standard which has been established by "Turakhia", has carried on the tradition of producing quality pumps. The prerequisite of producing quality pumps is to maintain a professional staff, maintain basic and advance training for all of its personnel and a constant effort to produce uncompromising products.

Besides the positive displacement pumps, we also manufacture basket type strainers, flowmeters, thermic fluid pumps and Oil Lubrication & Transfer Skids or Systems.

Pumpsquare Systems LLP works covers approximately 1800 sq meters, produces and markets its complete range of pump products. The special knowledge, products as well as applications are at disposal of the entire team. Round the clock after sales services is available for all of our customers.


Pumpsquare Systems LLP is amongst those companies in the nation having finest pump & rotor manufacturing facility. The unit has got all the necessary design modules, machines, production & quality control tools, equipment and complete testing facility for producing the best Positive Displacement Pumps.

Using the state of art modern facility of CNC Machines, highly precise components with close tolerances are produced for complete interchangeability among the pump model family. This ensures least time for the end users for replacing the wear components.

This facility undergoes regular upadation on regular basis for the boosting the productivity, to comply with latest national as well as international quality standards and for gaining customers confidence. In order to develop and bring the product faster to the end user, the company is divided in to various departments functioning independently and extensive cross coordinating with all the teams.

Research & Development is a continuous process here. All the latest invention in the market related to pump’s bought out components, materials and manufacturing techniques are tested & implemented at the suitable level. All the drawings, formulations, performance test reports of prototypes, material analysis and production drawings are dated as well as well documented. This has formed the strong foundation base of our organization.

Machinery Installed :

  • Lathe Machine
  • CNC Lathe Machine
  • Thread Milling Machine
  • Rotor Milling Machine
  • Worm Milling & Hobbing Machine
  • CNC Vertical Machining Centre
  • Pedestal Drilling Machine
  • Radial Drilling Machine
  • Surface Grinding Machine
  • Welding Machine

Testing Equipment’s :

  • Test Rigs
  • Test Motor with Torque Measurement
  • VFD
  • Flow Meters
  • Current Meters

Assembly Equipment’s :

  • Hand Grinder
  • Complete Wrench Tool Set
  • Vise
  • Assembly benches

Measuring Instruments

Vernier Calipers, Inside & Outside Micrometers, Bore Gauges, Slip Gauges, Techometer, Sound Level Tester, Digital Inclinometer, Flow meters, Granite Surface Plates, Go – No Go Gauges are just few to name, there are many more.

Complete record of the measuring instruments is maintained in a registry and the same is being calibrated from time to time as per its schedule.

Research & Developments

We maintain a research and development department to stay current with the ever changing requirements of new fields of applications. The job of our research team is to incorporate all the customer needs (CN) in our products.

The research enables us to improve the product design, incorporate wide variety materials of construction as well as enable us to have special pump construction & configuration.

One of the important benefits of the development is to constantly improve the quality of product being manufactured. One of the examples is that by developing special internal lobes for pumps, it gave us a niche in the market over our competitors wherein we could supply the pumps with very high volumetric efficiency, high PSH values, high hydraulic efficiency, reduction in capital cost for customer and most important is the reduction in the working cost of the pumps. Also, by improving the machining techniques, the operating level of the noise has reduced sustainabliy.

These imporvements also contribute to keeping the cost of pump manufacturing at the minimum. The end results of the improved efficiencies is marked reducing in energy expenses and operating costs.

Production and Quality Assurance

The great importance which we attach to modern production at our company is particularly illustrated by the use of low cost automation devices as well as the use of CNC Machining Centres.

With a view to assuring constant quality inour products, we develop our own special tools and fixtures for production. Our research team has developed special tools for the screw profiles.

Constant monitoring of the chemical and physical properties of our casting materials and welded constructions as well as controls perfomed at all stages of production to ensure an uncompromising quality of products. All the pumps are exposed to running tests and must meet a minimum level of performance before final approval by our test departments. Special Tests, as required by our customers can also be performed.


We at Pumpsquare are committed to continues improvements both at the manufacturing level as well the management level.

Pumpsquare Systems LLP, maintains and complies with its ISO 9001:2008 certificate for manufacturing and supplying of Positive Displacement Pumps. Click here to view certificate of Registration. Certificate of registration is uncontrolled if copied.

For us, Customer Satisfaction is the matchless certificate of supremacy. Hence we are committed to continuous improvement at all levels to achieve it.

ISO Certificate Warranty Certificate

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