Triple Screw Pumps / Three Screw Pumps (Th 2X), Gujarat, India.

Triple Screw Pumps / Three Screw Pumps (Th 2X)

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Triple Screw Pumps / Three Screw Pumps (Th 2X)

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General Information (TH 2X Pumps)

Working Principle

Triple Screw Pumps are positive displacement pumps of very simple design. They consist of three rotating parts only “the rotors” which turn in their precisely machined housing bores. The rotors are of double start screws, continuously meshing to form delivery Chambers, which move constantly from the suction to the pressure / discharge side. Constant volume of the chambers and the uniformity of the movement allow an even flow. The pumps remain therefore near silent in operation and almost free of pulsation, even at high speed. The Principle of screw pump and its accurate profiles warrant high suction power. Axial loads on the rotor are compensates by adequate design of the bearing part. All the radial loads are self-compensated.


TH 2X Pumps are specialized for the use with fuel oils, lube oils, Hydraulic oils and other Lubricating liquids which doesn’t contain any solid particles. As a result they find their application in wide variety of fields like :

  • Furnace oil filling
  • Filling Pumps
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Booster Pumps/Burner Pumps

Typical Liquids :

Bunker Oil, Fuel Oil, Engine Oil, Furnace Oil, Heating Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Oil and Other Oils having lubricating properties.

Mounting & Execution :

  • Suction Flanges : As per PN 16 DIN 2533
  • Discharge Flanges : As per PN 40 DIN 2535
  • Horizontal Flange Mounted pump coupled with Motor using a Bell Housing Bracket (B35 / B34)
  • Vertical Flange Mounted pump coupled with Motor using a Bell Housing and a pedestal (V5)

Material Of Construction :

  • Pump Housing : Cast iron
  • Rotors
    • Main Screw : Nitirded Alloy Steel
    • Idler Screw : Nitrided Alloy Steel
  • Liner : Alluminium / Cast Iron
  • Mechanical Seal : TC/TC
  • Shaft Sealing : Single Unbalance mechanical Seal
  • Casing Covers : Cast iron
  • Bearing Bush : Alluminium
  • Elastomers : Viton
  • Gasket : Non Asbestos

Temperature range

Max Temperature upto 150 deg C is permissible.


Optional Jacketing Front Cover can be provided on request

Speed of Rotation

Shaft Speed ranging from 500 – 3600 RPM.

Do not exceed 1500 RPM when pumping residual fuels, crude oil, furnace oil due to the presence of abrasives and contaminants.

Direction of rotation

Clockwise from the Shaft End of the Pump (Standard)

Anticlockwise from the Shaft End of the Pump (On Request / Non Standard)


The Pump must be protected against solid particles in the fluid by suitable suction filters.

The mesh width should be 0.1 mm and care has to be taken that even with a contaminated

Filter the admissible suction lift capabilities is not exceeded.


All pumps are by default to be bracket mounted with the motor. They work perfectly in any position (horizontal & vertical), provided suction and discharge lines are arranged in a way that prevents emptying of pump when at stand still

Running Dry or with Non Lubricating Liquid, will damage the pumps.

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