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Trochoidal Gear Pump / Internal Lobe Pump

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General Information :

Working :

There are two Pumping Elements with Gear in Gear Principle. The Rotors are mounted on single shaft well supported on both the ends. As the Shaft Rotates, they mesh & un-mesh displacing the liquid axially through its pumping elements. Axially flow through elements ensures better suction capabilities, very low noise level and nearly pulsation free flow. These pumps have low power consumption compared to other brands due to unique mounting rotors.

Rotors are produced using sintered metal technology and the other components are produced using the advanced manufacturing techniques with all the necessary quality checks for repeated accuracies in dimensions, guaranteed interchangeability and near to perfect pumping characteristics.

This Series is highly reliable when put to work on field, has longer service life, practically needs no maintenance and has reduced cost of the end product than the conventional equivalent to the customer. A standard pump would consists of Rotors in Sintered Iron, with built – In Relief Valve, Shaft in EN-8 / SS-304, Lip Seal in Nitrile and all other parts in Cast Iron.

Application :

  • Unloading and Transfer of Lubricating Oil from Tanks and Barrels
  • Oil Circulation, Gearbox, Bearing and Pressure lubrication
  • Transfer of Fuel Oils from Daily Service Tanks, Pre Heaters and Filters
  • Transfer and Circulation of Oil in Transformer & Oil Cleaning Machines
  • Fuel Injection Pumps and as Booster Pumps in Oil Burner Services
  • Unidirectional Flow Designer and Reversing Shaft Duties as in Machine Tools, Gear Boxes and Crane Duties
  • In Hydraulic Power Packs
  • Low Pressure – Continuous and Intermittent duty application

Typical Liquid List

Lubrication Oils, Fuel Oils like HSD, LDO, Furnace Oil, Transformer Oils, Palm Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Additives, Shampoos, Coconut Oil and media having good lubricating properties

Optional MOC

Under Special Execution we can offer pump in Stainless Steel, Ball Bearing Construction and Seals in Viton or EPDM.


  • Monoblock type Pump and Motor eliminating need of Coupling and Frame.
  • Foot Mounted Pump Coupled with Motor on a Base Plate with Coupling Guard
  • Flange Mounted Pump Coupled with Motor using a Bell Housing Bracket


  • Compact, Light Weight, Easy to Mountain and Neat Design
  • Can be Serviced in place without disconnecting the pipelines & Motors (Applicable even for Mono Block Construction) Bi-Directional
  • Integrated Shaft in Mono Block construction eliminating the shaft runs out for the improved life of the lip seal. Also, Shaft is supported on 2X Bush Bearing as well as 2X Ball bearing reducing the load on shaft as well as the pumps
  • Pump Shaft Dynamically balanced and Heat Dissipation is improved in Mono Block Design
  • Engineered to run at high Speeds and adaptability of Mechanical Seals for Critical Applications even for lower flow rates
  • Advanced Metallurgical Composition for Better and Longer Rotor Life
  • Lower Power Consumption & High Volumetric Efficiency
  • Pump with steam Jacketing on Request
  • With Built-In relief Valve
  • Improved Rotor Profiles for Smooth Meshing minimizing the Internal Losses and for excellent Suction Capabilities

Prime Mover

  • Three Phase AC Motor
  • Single Phase AC Motor
  • DC Motor
  • Directly Couple to PTO Shaft
Pump Data with 40 cSt Lube Oil at 40 °C (VDMA 24284 Test Standard as per GR. II CL. II)
Pump ModelPort SizeMax FlowMax PressureSpeedPowerSealing Option
NewInlet X Outlet (BSP)LPMkg/cm²RPMBkW
IL011/4" x 1/4"4.5314500.25Lip Seal
IL111/4" x 1/4"4.5314500.25Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing
IL021/2" x 1/2"10614500.37Lip Seal
IL121/2" x 1/2"10614500.37Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing
IL031/2" x 1/2"15614500.5Lip Seal
IL131/2" x 1/2"15614500.5Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing
IL041/2" x 1/2"20614500.65Lip Seal
IL141" x 1"20614500.65Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing
IL051" x 1"40614500.75Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing
IL151" x 1"40614500.75Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing
IL061 1/2" x 1 1/2"77614501.2Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing
IL161 1/2" x 1 1/2"77614501.2Lip Seal/Mechanical Seal/Gland Packing

Pump can be offer for pressure upto 12 kg/cm² in IL 1X Series

For Flow Greater than 80 LPM, Please refer to our Internal Lobe Pumps without Crescent Catalog

Grafoil Packing Rings in lIeu of Gland Packing can be provided for High Temperature Application

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