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Heat Transfer Pump

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Heat Transfer Pump

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Pump Applications

  • Heating of baking ovens and large frying units
  • Cooling of cold stores and refrigerated counters
  • Tempering of tool moulds
  • Production of edible oil and dry masses
  • Heating of calanders, melting pots, agitators and mixing tanks in the leather, rubber and chemical industry and for the production of lacquers, colours and adhesives
  • Heating of tank, fuel oil and bitumen chambers on stationary and mobile
  • platforms as well as in tank ships, in crude oil production und processing
  • Heating of coloring, coating, washing, pressing und ironing systems in the textile industry
  • Heating of systems for bitumen production and processing, for drying applications and for the production of binders in the building industry
  • Heating of systems for the production of liquid crystals in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Heating of pipelines and treatment stations in the field of gas gathering
  • Heating of temperature controllers in the die cast industry Design Features

Design Features

  • Horizontal, Single Stage, Closed Impeller, Single Entry Centrifugal Pumps with Volute Casing for Process Design
  • Capacity - upto 200 m³h/hr
  • Head - upto 550m
  • Speed – upto 2900 RPM

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • Heat Transfer Oil upto 350°C
  • Hot Water upto 160°C

Cooling Method - With air

Bearing Bracket Size -360 & 470

Sealing Options

  • Mechanically Seal ( Single Acting Unbalanced)
  • Magnetic Coupling for Zero Leakage

Due to the back-pull-out design the complete bearing assembly including Impeller and casing cover can be dismantled without removing the volute casing from the pipe system

Pump Shaft extremely rigid to minimize bending

Hydraulic Forces are Balanced

  • Radial Forces compensated by plain bearing close to Impeller and ball bearing on coupling side

Pumps Painted with highly heat resistant aluminum paint

Accessories (Optional)

  • Quench Reservoir prevent oxygen from reacting with seal leakage, preserves seal life in long run

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