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Shuttle Block Pump

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Shuttle Block Pumps
Oscillation Rotary Piston Pump

Shuttle Block Pump

Foot Mounted Pump with Outboard Bearing & Perpendicular Ports

Shuttle Block Pump

Foot Mounted Pump with Inboard Bearing & Perpendicular Ports

Shuttle Block Pump

Foot Mounted Pump with Outboard Bearing, Built In Relief Valve, Partial Jacketing & In-Line Ports

Shuttle Block Pump

Flange Mouted Pump with Relief Valve, Close Coupled to Foot Mounted Built-In Speed Reducer

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  • Pressure Upto 10 Bar
  • Capacity Upto 1000 Lpm
  • Viscosity Upto 2,00,000 Cst
  • Operating Temperature Upto 250˚c


The shuttle block pump is a positive displacement pump, which mainly consist of three components: rotor, piston and shuttle. The liquid-tight fit reciprocation of double acting piston in the rotor slot ensures high efficiency and suction power. This action of piston results due to the rotating shuttle on shuttle pin, which is placed eccentrically inside a rotor. Thereby, the fluid is caused to fill the pockets on suction side and get emptied smoothly and without any shear and churning on a discharge side.

The robust design of this pump is precisely executed by using advanced CNC machines, making our pumps highly reliable and assures quality with minimum leakage and exceptionally long service life. Our shuttle block pumps are highly suitable to continuously handle wide range of viscous fluids with an enormously silent operation. Furthermore, it is designed to delivers vibration free pumping with minimum run out by incorporating single shaft design supported by long sleeve bearing and external ball bearing. The Front Pull-Out design of this pump enables a simple, convenient and quick inspection and maintenance of pump. This pump has a unique feature to manually change the clearances as well as adjust and compensate wear for longer pumping life.


  • Mounting: Horizontal Foot Mounted
    Horizontal Flange Mounted
    Pulley Mounted
  • Jacket: Fully Jacketed / Partial Jacketed
  • Relief Valve: Built-in / No Relief Valve
  • Sealing: Gland Packing, Mechanical Seal
    Or Seal-less Magnetic Version


  • Mainly applicable for handling dirty liquids.
  • Loading-unloading of tank lorries and rail wagons.
  • High viscous fluid such as Bitumen, Molasses, etc. can be pumped easily.
  • For Decanting, Tanking and Process Applications


  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sugar Plant
  • Paint & Paper
  • Food
  • Pharma

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