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PUMPSQUARE Twin Screw Pumps are designed for pumping contaminated or slightly abrasive liquid, lubricating and non lubricating media of low or high viscosity which do not chemically attack the pump materials. These are double entry pumps and the shaft spindle is axially held in position by ball bearings. Single unbalanced mechanical seal is used keeping the liquid pumped isolated from the bearings and gearbox. A spring loaded built in relief valve is used to protect the pump from overloading.

Performance Data :

CapacityQUp to 535 m3/h
Viscosity RangeV0,6 to 1500cSt
Temperature of pumped liquidtup to 100 C
Inlet PressurePsup to 10 bar
Outlet PressurePdup to 16 bar
PressureΔpup to 16 bar
Speednup to 2900 rpm

Option Heating and Cooling Jacket.

Option of Horizontal and Vertical Mounting

Applications :

  • Bilge/ballast Pumps
  • General Service Pumps
  • Cargo Pumps
  • Transfer Pumps

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